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Cellos                                        (what are the typical requirements for instruments in a student's school music program?)

Brand Description
Hohmann I / H-I
(4/4, , , , ⅛) Well-made strong laminated wood. Ideal for beginners - 1st year students, easy to tune and stay in tune. Includes standard bow and bag. USA Glasser bow +$20.
Hohmann IE / H-IE
(H-I w/ real ebony)
Built with ebony pegs and fingerboard - subject to availability.
Hohmann II / H-II ( & ) Upgraded performance with solid wood construction and ebony parts.
Hohmann IIA / H-IIA
(H-IIA, aka H50-C)
(4/4, , ) - Solid wood - better sound, with ebony pegs, fingerboard and nut. Includes standard bow and padded bag.
Hohmann IIA / USED
(H-IIA/H50-C type)
(, , , ⅛) - a fully-serviced quality used H-IIA or H50-C type, as above, when available.
Kreutzer II ( only) - German, includes standard bow and high-end bag.
Hohmann III / H-III
(4/4) - Better wood and improved sound over the H-IIA.
Sevcik I / S-I
(4/4 & ) - Joint venture, European designed and owned. Solid wood and better sound quality. Includes standard bow and padded bag. Hardshell case +$149-349
Sevcik II / S-II
(4/4) - Upgrade on select woods and enhanced sound quality.
Sevcik III / S-III
(4/4) - Even further upgrade on select quality woods and sound-quality performance.
Sevcik IV / S-IV
(S-600C & CLGA300)
(4/4, , ) - Joint venture, European designed and owned. Most beautifully selected and aged quality woods. Very big and open sound. Includes standard bow and padded bag.
Kreutzer V
(4/4 & ) - Joint venture, European owned, hand-crafted of finest solid woods. Cello only, bag and bow not included.
(4/4) - Joint venture, Italian Design, handmade of finest quality aged woods: Ariana Superior (I-VC03S), Supertone (I-VC05C) and Zetoni 200 (I-VC200Z). All have superb hand-rubbed oil finish with wonderful depths of sound quality.


Brand Description
Hohmann I / H-I (, , ) - Well-made with quality laminated wood; includes bow and bag. Well made, good sound, and easy to play.
Hohmann II / H-II (, , ) - Upgraded with ebony fingerboard and nut; adjust-
able bridge. Better bow and bag. Preferred by schools.
Sevcik III / S-III
() - European joint venture. Soloist-level, highest quality - all flamed, fine solid woods; great sound. Includes bow and bag.
Sevcik V / S-V
() - All hand carved, best-select aged woods and sound.

Electric Cellos and Upright Basses

Brand Description
NS Design
NXT4 Electric Cello
(4/4) - Finely hand-sculpted body-neck of solid maple, solid ebony for the fingerboard; extraordinary playability like a finely crafted traditional acoustic cello, with its voice faithfully reproduced and enhanced with a self-powered (no batteries needed!) custom Polar Pickup System equipped with selectable pizz/arco providing authentic cello sound; includes special tripod-stand, gig-bag - optional bow and rosin.
Electric Upright Bass
(3/4) - Sculpted body-neck of solid maple construction, geared P-Bass styled tuning-machines, standard " instrument output, ⅛" auxilary input-jack to play-along with your CD/MP3 tracks, ⅛" output-jack for your headphones or other amplifying device, state-of-the-art electronics tuned especially for the bass-range, providing that deep, powerful, yet natural bass tones.
NS Design
Electric Upright Bass
(34" Scale) - Finely hand-sculpted body-neck of solid maple, solid ebony for the fingerboard just like the NXT4 electric cello, in a 34" string bass-scale, with its bass-voice faithfully reproduced and enhanced with the JackPot advanced potentiometer-circuitry alongside the self-powered custom Polar Pickup System; includes a special Boomerang Strap and gig-bag - optional bow and rosin.


All instruments are subject to availability.
Prices are subject to change by manufacturer without notice.