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Wittner MT-50
Wittner MT-50 - 2 beat tones, moderate volume, 2-hand operation, A440 tone, no downbeat, includes earpiece.

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Dunhuang DT-1
Dunhuang DT-1 - Chromatic and scale pitch generator, LED pendulum, 2 hand operation, earpiece included, 8 downbeat settings, clock/alarm/stopwatch.

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Matrix MR500
Matrix MR500 - Simple to operate, concert A440 tone, 1 hand operation, earpiece included.

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Seiko SQ50V
Seiko SQ50V - 2 beat tones, volume control, 1 hand operation, A4, Bb4 tones, no downbeat, no earpiece included.

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Matrix MR800
Matrix MR800 - 6 downbeat settings, simple to operate, LED pendulum motion, 1 hand operation, earpiece included, loudest beat, concert A440 tone.

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Wittner MT60
Wittner MT60 - Pitch generator with volume control, earpiece included, LED pendulum, 1 hand operation, concert A440 tone, simple to operate, 6 downbeat settings, beat with variable volume.


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Quiktune QT-15
Quiktune QT-15 - For guitar and bass. Internal mic, LCD display, input, pitch generator, auto shut-off, includes batteries.

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KORG GA-1 - #1 Acoustic/Electric Guitar Seller. Pitch generator, settings memory, LCD display, internal mic, includes batteries, auto shut-off.

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KORG CA-1 - #1 Chromatic Best Seller. Pitch generator, includes batteries, LCD display, auto shut-off, internal mic, input jack.

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Wittner KDVT100
Wittner KDVT100 - For violin, viola and cello. Battery check, No audio pitch, includes clip-on mic.

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Joyo JT-20
Joyo JT-20 - Clip-on tuner with mic, chromatic, readable in dark, A440 adjustable.

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Davidson CT-1
Davidson CT-1 - Includes batteries, no audio pitch, attaches to instrument head.


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Davidson MT-1-GBC
Davidson MT-1-GBC - Same features as TM-40, but with free clip-on pickup ($10 value)

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Eno Music EMT-789GB
Eno Music EMT-789GB - Updated version with nightlight.

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KORG TM-40 - Chromatic pitch generator, downbeats and rhythms, volume control.